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Core Business Activities of Nihon Trim Future Steps for Nihon Trim
We are investing actively in R&D to develop new applications for electrolyzed reduced water (ERW).
From drinking water to the healthcare and food product fields.
We are proceeding with R&D to discover new possibilities for ERW.
Promoting joint R&D with academic and medical institutions to help find applications for ERW in the fields of healthcare, industry, and agriculture.
Nihon Trim is engaged in joint R&D work with partners in Japan and overseas, such as universities, research institutes, and medical institutions, aimed at discovering applications for ERW in a variety of fields. Our efforts in the medical area include the use of ERW to reduce oxidation stress during dialysis and preparations for the future use of ERW in transfusions.
Agricultural sector
Nihon Trim have been proceeding application to the agricultural sector in order to develop new possibilities of electrolyzed hydrogen-enriched water(EHW).
We have been conducting a joint research with Kochi University and JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Nangoku city, we are aiming for the uses of the EHW to help developing the produce of agricultural farming.
1. Contribution to the food problem of the global scale by yields increase
2. Quality improvement by developing functional vegetables which increase antioxidants of vegetables
Nihon Trim developed a new equipment specific for agricultural, and work on building the vegetables brand called KANGEN YASAI with receiving active cooperation from Kochi prefecture.
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