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At Nihon Trim Co., Ltd., our mission is to provide society wit water that optimized for our lives.

The corporate philosophy of Nihon Trim Co., Ltd., is to "contribute to the creation of a pleasant and healthful human lifestyle" by pursuing the question of what kind of water is optimal for human beings.

Water is a key element amidst the ever more complex and diverse environmental issues we face today. At Nihon Trim we are applying scientific methods to the study of water at the global level and working to create water possessing superior functionality. We want to encourage a change from the present approach, in which a single kind of water is relied on to meet all of society's needs, to a new approach of the near future, in which special varieties of water are provided to meet specific needs. Our focus is not limited to the water we take into our bodies, either directly or indirectly (as a beverage or in food), but also extends to applications for water in the healthcare field. We are working to develop special varieties of water that will help to maintain and promote health, prevent disease, and serve as a treatment for specific maladies.

Nihon Trim Co., Ltd., creates and develops new products to meet a wide variety of requirements by studying water in a scientific way. By providing varieties of water possessing new functions that were never available before, we hope to contribute to a society that is both healthy and prosperous.

President Shinkatsu Morisawa
President Shinkatsu Morisawa
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