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List of Papers and Conference Presentations on Electrolyzed Reduced Water
What is electrolyzed reduced water?
Related Information/What is electrolyzed reduced water?
Electrolyzed reduced water is produced by running tap water through a heavy-duty cartridge to remove impurities such as dissolved lead and chlorine, after which the water undergoes electrolysis. The resulting reduced water is rich in hydrogen (owing to the electrolysis) and has excellent antioxidative properties. Running an electric current through water containing electrolytes (such as mineral ions) triggers oxidation-reduction reactions that would not occur spontaneously. The electrical energy creates oxidized water near the anode and reduced water near the cathode. The water produced near the cathode is called electrolyzed reduced water.
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Acidic Water/Example Uses of Electrolyzed Acidic Water
As a Bracing Stimulant for the Face or Skin
Human skin is mildly acidic. Acidic water that matches the skin's pH is just right for washing your face. Acidic water made from soft water is ideal for this purpose, resulting in beautifully clean skin.
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