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List of Papers and Conference Presentations on Electrolyzed Reduced Water
What is electrolyzed reduced water?
Research and development
Aiming to develop academic inquiry on a global scale through collaborative research with healthcare and research institutions in Japan and overseas.
Nihon Trim actively sponsors collaborative research involving universities and other institutions (in Japan and overseas) with the aim of opening up new possibilities.
One example is the research being conducted at the Laboratory of Cellular Regulation Technology at Kyushu University under Professor Sanetaka Shirahata.
In 1997 his finding that “electrolyzed reduced water scavenges active oxygen species and protects DNA from oxidative damage” was widely reported in Japanese newspapers and other media. It later received significant attention worldwide when a paper on the subject was published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, a scientific journal published in the United States. Professor Shirahata’s research focused on the role of “active hydrogen,” atomic hydrogen found in electrolyzed reduced water, in eliminating active oxygen and confirmed that this helps protect DNA from damage caused by oxidation. He found that the beneficial effects of reduced water were not lost after vigorous mixing, boiling, repeated freezing and melting, or pressurization, and that they did not change even after dilution by 30%. Finally, Professor Shirahata demonstrated that electrolyzed reduced water retains its efficacy for approximately one month when stored in a refrigerator.
In June 2003 a paper on the “antidiabetic” effects of electrolyzed reduced water was published in the Dutch journal Cytotechnology. An industry-academe joint research project with Kyushu University is presently getting underway to explore “reduced water with high-level functionality, the development of equipment for producing such water, and its application in healthcare and industry.” This R&D work is designed to clarify further the effects of electrolyzed reduced water on the body.
In July 2003 a joint research paper on applications for electrolyzed reduced water in dialysis was published in the American medical journal Kidney International. Research on electrolyzed reduced water continues to advance, with applications in the healthcare field a significant focus.
Click here for a list of papers and conference presentations on electrolyzed reduced water.
Professor Sanetaka Shirahata
Professor Sanetaka Shirahata
1978: PhD in Food Science Engineering, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University.
1987: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Oregon State University.
1989 to 1994: Assistant Professor, Kyushu University.
1995 to present: Professor, Division of Life Engineering, Graduate School of Systems Life Science, Laboratory of Cellular Regulation Technology, Department of Genetic Resources Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University. Director, Functional Water & Cell Analyzing Center Co., Ltd.
Research and development
Promoting high-level technical development through
At first glance water seems to be a simple substance, but in fact in many aspects it is extremely complex. Our R&D work on water requires expertise in a broad range of fields, including but not limited to electrical and chemical technology. Nihon Trim employs teams of researchers with extensive experience in their fields and collaborates with universities and other research institutions in order to advance the development of high-level technology. These efforts have produced many valuable results, including Nihon Trim’s acclaimed auto-change cross-line system. Our research will continue in the future as we strive to discover new possibilities for electrolyzed reduced water.
Research and development
Developing advanced genetic testing products; Consolidated Subsidiary TrimGen Corporation
TrimGen Corporation is a biotechnology subsidiary established by Nihon Trim Co., Ltd, in 1999 in Sparks, Maryland, USA. TrimGen Corporation provide genetic testing products to assist biomedical professionals in clinical research and early disease detection. They also provide individual gene information to help physicians achieve a specific personal treatment including therapy selection and drug response prediction in the clinical diagnosis field.
TrimGen Corporation is presently working to expand the market for three products: MutectorⅡTM, eQ-PCRTM (Enhanced Q-PCR) and next generation sequencing systems.
Their own proprietary STA technology-based Mutector products (Sanger sequencing platform) have broad applications for genetic tests in oncology and pharmacogenomics. And, Its newly developed iGeneBeads technology is a simple and fast method that will revolutionize next generation sequencing.
TrimGen Corporation is developing advanced genetic testing products that help the health care professionals to achieve a predictive, preventative and affordable treatment which will improve personalized medicine through genetic technologies.
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