Corporate InformationNihon Trim's Code of Conduct

Nihon Trim's Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance Fundamentals
    At Nihon Trim, we pride ourselves on a corporate culture of compliance with all legal and safety regulations, along with genuine efforts to contribute to society. Moreover, this detailed attention to safety and compliance is upheld by each and every member of our staff.

  2. Ensuring our clients' trust and satisfaction.
    We are committed to always acting in the best interest of our clients. We will provide goods and services that satisfy and delight our customers, disseminate accurate and transparent product information, and work to earn the trust of our customers.

  3. Fair Business Practices
    We believe in the spirit of free and fair business. In addition to compliance with all antitrust laws, etc., we work to build stable, trusting relationships with our business partners. Through transparency and mutual gain, we seek to build partnerships that endure.

  4. Understanding and Support for our Stockholders and Investors
    We practice corporate accountability by disclosing all relevant corporate information in a timely, adequate and transparent manner, in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as with best-practice corporate accounting. In this manner, through transparent, high-quality and accountable management, we hope to maintain the trust and support of shareholders, investors, and other corporate stakeholders.

  5. Creating an environment where employees can achieve their dreams
    We have always aimed to create an inclusive workplace, where everyone feels safe and empowered to tackle his or her own work in the best way possible. We are committed to recognizing the diversity and needs of all our employees, and to creating an environment where they can reach their fullest potential.

  6. Personal Data and Privacy Policy
    We will properly manage all confidential and/or personal information of our company, customers and business partners, prioritize information security, and make best-practice good faith efforts to prevent information leaks, theft, etc.

  7. Social Responsibility
    We will maintain a positive and transparent relationship with all relevant government agencies and authorities. We will not engage in any unethical or unfair actions, nor will we under any circumstances work with anyone undermining social order, public safety, or moral conduct.

  8. Environmental Protection
    Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to the creation of healthy and comfortable lives. Aligning with this mission, we believe that economic prosperity can and should go hand in hand with environmental conservation through business. We always strive to develop and manufacture products that are both of superior quality and environmentally friendly.

  9. Connecting with local communities
    We work constantly to build and maintain the trust of the people in our communities. We also make sure to contribute to local economies and operate with an understanding of regional and national culture and customs. The safety, prosperity and happiness of our local areas are paramount.

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Established February 1, 2009

Last revised : April 1, 2018


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