Site Policy

Site Policy

This website is operated by Nihon Trim Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred to as Company). Please read the following policy before using the site.

Copyright and Trademark

The copyrights of all text, photos, illustrations, videos, music, and other contents of this website belong to the Company or the production company or author. Therefore, they may not be printed, saved, copied, sent, changed, cropped or republished for personal or commercial use without the permission of the owner. If you wish to use the contents, you must get the permission of the copyright owner. You may not be granted permission to use the contents if they include photos of people, or if we consider it inappropriate.

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Company does not guarantee the contents of this website, and may change or delete contents without notice. Company does not guarantee the functioning or security of this website, and it may interrupt or cease operation without notice. At no event will Company be liable for discrepancies, revisions or deletion of content, should damages arise out of your use of information provided at this website. Furthermore, Company may revise this site policy without notice. At such event, the revised site policies become immediately valid.

Personal Information

Company pledges to handle personal information in line with the Privacy Policy and with utmost care.

Prohibited Acts

We refuse to accept the following uses of this website.

  1. Slanders about the Company or group companies, their management or employees or actions that breach privacy or cause damages
  2. Criminal or potentially criminal actions
  3. Actions contrary to public order and morality

Link Sites

All links to websites found on this website, that do not belong to companies from our group are operated and managed by their respective companies and organizations. Having links to sites does not mean Company has special relationship with the companies or organizations operating those sites, nor that Company recommends the contents of those websites. Company shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the content or use of such third-party sites.