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Corporate VisionAt Nihon Trim, our corporate vision is to create healthy and comfortable human lives, while pursuing the essence of optimal water.

Our MissionTo provide society with the best water for great lives.
This is our mission at Nihon Trim.

In a world of increasingly complex and diverse environmental problems, we have made water our mission.
Based on our own scientific studies, we are working tirelessly to create water imbued with superior functional properties. Our goal is to transform conventional water, used to meet all the needs of society, into multifaceted 'waters' that individually address specific challenges of society in the near future. Not limiting ourselves to the water in beverages and processed foods, we are expanding into the field of medical care by developing waters that assist in everything from maintaining and promoting health to preventing disease and treating specific illnesses.
At Nihon Trim, we apply the results of scientific study on water to develop and create new products that meet a diverse array of modern needs. Offering a new type of water featuring unprecedented functional properties, we are helping build a healthier and richer society for everyone.

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