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Pursuing dynamic growth as a global medical company

Nihon Trim was founded in 1982 as a company specializing in the sale of electrolyzed hydrogen water (EHW) apparatuses. In 1990, we set up our first plant and began to manufacture and promote EHW apparatuses at an ever-growing scale. From the start, we have worked tirelessly to define what makes the ideal water for the human body.
In more than 20 years of collaborations with domestic and international universities, research institutes, and industrial-academic research partnerships, numerous articles on the results of our efforts have published in international academic journals.

Today, life-style related illnesses have become a pressing problem not only in Japan but for all advanced and developing nations. Among the various measures being implemented to increase the longevity of society at large, Nihon Trim believes prevention must play a pivotal role. The daily consumption of quality, life-giving water is one easy and actionable way we can all work to maintain and improve our health.
Our mission as a leading company in the field of electrolyzed hydrogen water, then, is to contribute to global human health by spearheading a new initiative of water-focused healthcare.

We have not, however, limited ourselves to drinking water alone. Today, we are actively engaging in new ventures including the development of electrolyzed water hemodialysis as the next generation of dialysis treatment and a Reduced Vegetables Project for agricultural application. In the field of regenerative medicine, we also manage Japan's largest private cord blood bank and have started operating a hospital in China to treat chronic illnesses (diabetes using hemodialysis, etc.).

Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to the creation of healthy and comfortable lives. To achieve this, the Nihon Trim Group is committed to developing and enriching all our current businesses, while taking up new challenges by expanding our operations overseas and pursuing new mergers and acquisitions, in keeping with our spirit of growth.

We humbly ask for your continued support and collaboration moving forward.

January 2019
Nihon Trim Co., Ltd. CEO
Shinkatsu Morisawa

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