Research and DevelopmentR&D Mission and Philosophy

Active investments in R&D to unlock the versatile potential of electrolyzed hydrogen water

Engineering breakthroughs expanding the possibilities of electrolyzed hydrogen water, with applications across medical, food, agricultural and industrial uses.

R&D Overview

At Nihon Trim, we have been conducting pioneering research into electrolyzed hydrogen water for over 20 years in collaboration with both domestic and international research facilities.
We began undertaking basic research at National Taiwan University in 1995 and moved on to new partnerships both at home and abroad, with institutions such as Kyushu University, Tokyo University and Karolinska Institute.
The resulting papers have been published in a wide range of journals and academic societies. In terms of applied results, our collaboration with the Tohoku University School of Medicine on electrolyzed water hemodialysis is already reaching the practical application stage, and we are now beginning to see our labor bear fruit. We are also aggressively advancing our research activities at the clinical trial level to demonstrate the positive effects associated with electrolyzed hydrogen water consumption.
This is done by conducting trials on diabetic patients at the Tohoku University School of Medicine as well as through epidemiological surveys concerning medical fees and patient data together with clinical trials concerning lifestyle-related illnesses in Susaki City, Kochi prefecture. In the agricultural sector, we are collaborating with Kochi University and the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine on projects involving livestock breeding.
Through cutting-edge research in a broad variety of fields, we hope to expand the potential of electrolyzed hydrogen water and unlock its transformative powers in a wide range of business and consumer sectors.

In June of 2017, we began a large-scale joint investigation into the mechanisms behind the effects of electrolyzed hydrogen water. For this, we partnered with the Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. Our aim has been to develop a thorough and comprehensive understanding of electrolyzed hydrogen water's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, and anti-fatigue properties.
We are also working to elucidate its absorption kinetics, and the degree to which its physical properties vary at different concentrations. Using Riken's state-of-the-art technology, we hope to dramatically expand our knowledge and the practical applications of electrolyzed hydrogen water.
Moving forward, we remain committed to the scientific method and, in our partnerships with the academic community, to the creation of a foundation for spreading the benefits of electrolyzed hydrogen water, in accordance with our corporate philosophy for creating comfortable and healthy human lives.

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